GB 50352-2005 民用建筑設計通則 (英文版)

1.0.1 This code is formulated with a view to make civil buildings comply with basic requirements like suitability, economy, safety, health and environmental protection. It shall be considered as general rules that all sorts of design of civil buildings must share.

1.0.2 This code is applicable to design for construction, renovation and extension of civil buildings.

1.0.3 For design of civil buildings, not only national laws and regulations related to engineering construction, but also the following requirements shall be complied with.

1 It is required to deal with correlation among people, buildings and environment according to provisions of sustainable development strategy;

2 It is required to be obliged to protect ecological environment and also prevent polluting and damaging environment;

3 It is required to take people as base and satisfy their material and psychical demands;

4 It is required to implement fundamental national policies such as optimal land utilization, energy conservation, water saving and raw material saving;

5 It is required to comply with requirements of local city planning and harmonizing with surrounding environment;

6 For buildings and environment, it is required to adopt disaster-proof measures such as fireproofing, earthquake resistance, flood control, aerial defence, wind and snow resistance as well as lightning stroke resistance;

7 It is required to be convenient for the disabled, the elderly; and provide accessibility facilities at indoor and outdoor environment;

8 All constructions at famous historical and cultural cities, protective districts, cultural relics and famous scenic sites declared by state or local government shall be conducted according to national or local conservation plan and related regulations.

1.0.4 For design of civil buildings, not only this code, but also those in the current relevant ones of the nation shall be complied with.