GB 50339-2003 智能建筑工程質量驗收規范 (英文版)

1 General 

1.0.1 This Code is developed to strengthen the management on architectural engineering quality, normalize the acceptance of architectural engineering quality of intelligent buildings and guarantee engineering quality.

1.0.2 This Code is applicable to the engineering quality acceptance of intelligent buildings, newly-built, expanded and rebuilt, of architectural engineering.

1.0.3 The requirements on engineering quality acceptance as contained in the engineering technical documents and contractual documents applied in the execution of architectural engineering shall not be lower than the stipulations of this Code.

1.0.4 This Code is compiled according to the principles specified in the national standard: Uniform Standard for Construction Quality Acceptance of Building Engineering No. GB 50300, and this Code shall be implemented in combination with the said Standard.

1.0.5 In addition to compliance with this Code, the engineering quality acceptance of intelligent buildings shall also conform to the stipulations of applicable national standards and codes related.