GB 50336-2002 建筑中水設計規范 (英文版)

1 General Provisions 

1.0.1 This code is formulated to realize sewage, wastewater recycling, water saving, pollution governing and environment protection and to make the design for building reclaimed water engineering safe, reliable, economic, applicable and advanced in technology. 

1.0.2 This code is applicable to the constructed, renovated and extended reclaimed water engineering design of the various civil building and residential are. The reclaimed water engineering design of the domestic sewage and wastewater reutilization in industrial building may be executed with reference to this code. 

1.0.3 Various sewage, wastewater resources shall be taken full advantage of according to the local water resource situation and economic development level. 

1.0.4 Where various structures and residential areas are constructed in the city and other regions in water shortage, the overall planning design shall include the comprehensive utilization and reclaimed water facility construction of sewage, wastewater and rainwater resources. 

1.0.5 The reclaimed water facility engineering projects are applicable to the cities and other regions in water shortage. The reclaimed water facilities shall be constructed according to the local regulations. Reclaimed water facilities must be designed together with the main works. They must be constructed and applied at the same time. 

1.0.6 As for the reclaimed water engineering design, water balance and technical and economic analysis shall be executed according to the water quality , water quantity and reclaimed water purposes of the available raw water, to determine the reclaimed water source, systematic type, treatment process and scale reasonably. 

1.0.7 The reclaimed water engineering design shall be in the charge of the design organization of the main works. The design schedule of the reclaimed engineering shall be in compliance with the design schedule of the main works, and the design depth at different stages shall meet the requirements of the preparation depth relevant architectonic engineering design documents. 

1.0.8 The reclaimed water engineering design quality shall meet the requirements of the quality characteristic and quality evaluation enforcement regulations of the national design document on civil building engineering. 

1.0.9 The acceptable age limit of the reclaimed water facilities shall be in conformity of the main building design criteria. 

1.0.10 The safety measures for application and maintenance must be taken in the reclaimed water engineering design. The reclaimed water is strictly forbidden to enter the drinking water supply system. 

1.0.11 The reclaimed water system design in the building shall meet the requirements of current relevant compulsary codes and standards except the implementation of this Code.