GB 50330-2002 建筑邊坡工程技術規范 (英文版)

1.0.1 This code is established with purposes to normalize exploration, design and construction of building slope (including artificial slope and natural slope) engineering, to guarantee safe application, advanced technology, reasonable economy and high quality and to protect environment. 

1.0.2 Building slope engineering shall consider engineering geology, hydrological geology, all sorts of action, height of slope and influences from adjacent constructions, environmental conditions, construction conditions and construction period, and it shall be carried out according to practical conditions. 

1.0.3 This code is applicable to slope engineering of constructions and municipal engineering, and to rock foundation trench engineering. Besides provisions prescribed herein, slopes of weak soil, collapsed loess, frozen soil, swelling soil and other special rock earth and slope in corrosive environment also shall comply with relevant provisions in applicable national standards.

1.0.4 In this code, applicable height of slope shall be less than 30m for rock slope and shall be less than 15m for earth slope. Slope engineering whose height exceeds the aforesaid height and where geologic and ambient conditions are very complicated shall go through special design. 

1.0.5 This code is established according to basic principles of GB50068-2001 Unified standard for reliability design of building structures and provisions of GBT 50083-97 Standard for terminology and symbols used in design of building structures. 

1.0.6 Beside provisions prescribed herein, building slope engineering shall also comply with relevant provisions in applicable GB50009 Load code for the design of building structures, GB50011 Code for Seismic Design of Buildings, GB50007 Code for design of building foundation, GB50021 Code for investigation of geotechnical engineering and GB50010 Code for Design of Concrete Structure.