GB/T 50326-2006 建設工程項目管理規范 (英文版)

1 General Principles

1.0.1 This Code is designed to improve the management level of construction projects promote the scientization, standardization and legalization of construction project management, adapt to the demand of market economy development and connect with international conventions. 1.0.2 This Code is applicable to the management of newly-built expanded and rebuilt construction projects.

1.0.3 This Code has provided a base for establish project management organization, defining responsibilities and relevant functional relationships of stuff of all levels, normalizing administrative behaviors in construction projects and examining and appraising construction the project manager and construction project manager team. 

1.0.4 The construction project management shall uphold the principle of independence innovation and adopt advanced means of management technology and modernization management. 

1.0.5 The construction project management shall adhere to the principle of people oriented and scientific outlook on development, comprehensively implement the responsibility system of project manager and continuously improve project management level in order to realize sustainable development. 

1.0.6 Construction project management ought to be in accordance with national laws, administrative regulations and related technical standards besides this Code.