GB 50296-1999 供水管井技術規范 (英文版)

1.0.1 This standard is formulated in order to unify the technical requirements for the design and construction of water-supply well engineering. 

1.0.2 This standard is applicable to the design, construction and acceptance of well engineering for domestic water and industrial production water supply.

1.0.3 The design and construction of water-supply well shall be carried out after obtaining the hydrogeological information at exploration phase which is specified in the current national standard "Specifications for Hydrological and Geological Exploration of Water Supply" (GBJ 27). If the above-mentioned information can't meet the design or construction requirements of water-supply well, equivalent hydrogeological exploration shall be conducted, or the design or construction shall be carried out according to exploration - production well. The exploration - production well shall comply with the requirements of both "Specifications for Hydrological and Geological Survey of Water Supply" (GBJ 27) and this standard.

1.0.4 The material for water-supply well shall be provided with product certificate; in case no product certificate is provided, the material shall not be used before passing the inspection test. Pollution-free and intoxic materials shall be adopted for domestic water-supply well and its relevant materials.

1.0.5 The water-supply well must be subject to formal acceptance before being put into service.

1.0.6 The design, construction and acceptance of water-supply well engineering shall not only comply with the requirements stipulated in this standard, but also meet those in the relevant current compulsory standards of the nation.